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Mickey Mouse’s Ear?

Posted by on 25 June 2008

swollen earWhen I got home from work yesterday, it was Twin2 who opened the door for me. Immediately, I noticed something strange with his right ear. It was huge and it protruded outwards. Kinda like Mickey Mouse’s ear. I don’t recall either one of his ears ever looking like that.

I asked the maid about it and she told me that Twin2’s ear was like that ever since he and Twin1 got back from play school at midday. Midday! That meant his ear’s been swollen for, like, 8 hours already!

Overcome by maternal panic, I quickly herded the twins into the car to see the nearby GP. The doctor told me Twin2’s ear got bitten by some insect (she even pointed out the exact area of the bite) and that his ear swelled as an allergic reaction. She gave some antihistamine syrup for the itch and a steroid cream to help bring down the swelling.

Twin2’s ear is still a bit red and slightly swollen this morning but it’s almost back to normal. Click here to see how his ear looks like in its normal state.

What I find funny about the whole thing is what Dr B told me. She said that it’s very minor and probably doesn’t bother Twin2 because he’s going about his usual routine without even scratching his ear… and it’s more like the medicine is for me to feel better rather than him! :D

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