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Paris Panorama

Posted by on 6 July 2008

I stumbled upon an excellent panorama of Paris at night that I simply must share with you. Click on the photo below to view the site in another window.

Paris Panorama

While the page loads, these instructions will show up on screen: CLIQUER pour zoomer, CTRL/CLIC ou POMME/CLIC pour dézoomer, CLIQUEZ les carrés rouges pour voir les détails, DEPLACEZ le curseur pour annuler. This translates to: CLICK to zoom in, CTRL/CLICK or APPLE/CLICK to zoom out, CLICK the red boxes to see the details, MOVE the cursor to cancel.

As you hover your mouse over the photo, the scene moves ever so slightly and the numerous lights from the windows, streetlights and headlights flicker, giving the illusion of movement. It also gives the feeling of looking at Paris at night from your hotel window! I suddenly find myself pining for Paris again…

As the instructions say, to zoom in, click anywhere else on the areas without red boxes. To zoom out, press the [Ctrl] key while clicking your mouse.

The red boxes show various details in the photo, such as billboards and a café on a street corner. But, interestingly, they mostly show people from the windows of the two apartments and the hotel in the foreground — people partying, an old man forlornly staring out of the window from a darkened room, a couple apparently in the middle of a fight, a woman in her birthday suit about to go up the stairs, a white-haired man slumped over his desk all cluttered with papers. It all feels so voyeuristic…almost intrusive. And it’s a good reminder for me to draw the curtains or close the blinds the next time I’m staying in a hotel room somewhere.

Make sure you have Flash installed in your computer to view the site.

Excellent panorama photography by Jean-François Rauzier!

2 Responses to Paris Panorama

  1. avril

    Wah!!! The word is awesome! So vivid and clear that I could remember places.

    I checked every red box. This is a very good find indeed!

  2. Mimi

    Oui, c’est très magnifique! :D

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