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Choc Chip Cookies & Emergency Cupcakes

Posted by on 13 July 2008

For some strange reason, I was seized by a sudden urge to bake yesterday. And bake I did — Chocolate Chip Cookies from and Emergency Cupcakes from The Adventures of Superwife. Initially, I wanted to make only the cookies but then I thought, alang-alang nak masak (since I’m cooking anyway), I might as well make the most of the oven and bake something else as well. That’s how I ended up making both.

chocolate chip cookies

Let’s start with the Chocolate Chip Cookies. MissPedia claims they’re the ‘best evar’ so I had high expectations from the recipe right from the start. I followed the recipe right down to the tiniest detail, including using an ice cream scoop to scoop out the chilled batter and putting 6 scoops nicely spaced apart in one tray. Perhaps my ancient gas oven was too hot (the recipe calls for 190 C, but I had to adjust the knob somewhere between 180 and 220) or maybe it was the baking tin that I used (heavy gauge, nonstick), but 10 minutes into the baking process, the sides were very brown (read: close to burning) while the middle was still pale and soft. So I lowered the temperature to 180 and put the tray on the upper rack. The initial batch were big ones, brown and crispy at the bottoms and sides, pale and soft in the middle. Whatever the case, my kids gobbled up the first batch quickly and demanded for more!

For the succeeding batches, I put smaller quantities into the trays (less than one teaspoonful each), adjusted the temperature back to an estimated 190 and baked them until they were golden-brown and crispy. The kids loved them and so did DH. I liked the fact that they were not too sweet, which can also be a bad thing because you find yourself unable to stop eating one cookie after another. They’re wonderful with a glass of cold milk or with a nice cup of coffee.

Overall, I was very happy with the outcome of the cookies so this recipe is definitely a keeper. Next time, however, I’ll probably follow Dr. B‘s old trick of adding in one tablespoon of cocoa powder into the batter for a nicer colour.

As for the Emergency Cupcakes, it’s a recipe that, as the name suggests, can be whipped up in a jiffy in case you need to come up with cupcakes for an emergency potluck or school affair. The secret ingredient for this recipe is mayonnaise, which replaces the shortening. They’re unbelievably easy to make — just mix the dry ingredients in one bowl and whip the wet ingredients in another, then add the wet mixture to the dry ingredients.

emergency cupcakes

The result? Unbelievably soft and moist cupcakes, almost cake-like in their consistency. So if you’re using paper liners, handle the cupcakes with care so that they don’t get squished. And if you’re using silicon moulds, spray a light coating of non-stick spray into the moulds before spooning in the batter.

The cupcakes are not very sweet and are begging to be frosted. Lazy cook that I am (I am, oh I am!), I just chopped up some cooking chocolate, dumped it into a ramekin with a little bit of butter, and zapped it in the microwave on medium-high for a little over a minute. And voila — instant chocolate frosting that went very well with the cupcakes.

The cupcakes are not very chocolate-y on their own, so you might want to add some chocolate chips like I did and/or adding chocolate frosting on top. But I guess for a baking emergency (or if you’re feeling lazy but want something fresh from the oven!), this recipe will do the job very well.

Needless to say, the kids are a very contented lot with weekend. Who wouldn’t be, when they’ve got chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting to nibble on anytime they feel like it?

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