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Surfing With The Nokia N82

Posted by on 16 July 2008

The Nokia N82 comes chock-full of features — a 5-megapixel camera with real Xenon flash and Carl Zeiss optics, N-gage gaming, Nokia maps, one-click upload of photos to sites such as Flickr, music player, RealPlayer, bluetooth and WiFi capabilities, among other things.

But the one thing that I love doing the most with it is surfing the web. I’ve also tried it in various spots around KL and it picks up WLAN signals effortlessly. The web browser is easy to use, automatically re-formatting websites to fit its 2.4-inch QVGA screen. Simply turn the phone sideways and the display automatically switches from portrait to landscape mode. In short, it works like a dream.

N82 landscape

The photograph below shows the actual size of the Nokia N82.

Gmail mobile

You want to check email? No problem. Gmail mobile is included in the preloaded bookmarks.

Feeling the urge to update your status in Facebook? Easy-peasy with the N82.

Got a new post for your WordPress blog? You can create a new post from practically anywhere with the N82. The WordPress dashboard looks slightly askew on the N82’s screen, but it’s still possible to create, edit or preview posts like normal, unlike the Dopod 838 Pro which totally screws up the whole thing.

Need to find a Charlotte North Carolina dentist but don’t have access to a desktop PC? Just Google it up with the N82!

Even if the sites that you want to browse are not formatted for mobile devices, they still turn out quite well in the N82’s screen.

It also handles videos from sites like YouTube Mobile very well.

You cannot access drop-down menus with the N82 though, so forget about buying a ticket from KLM’s site with this diminutive phone. AirAsia Mobile, on the other hand, works perfectly well with both the N82 and Dopod 838 Pro, as the site substitutes radio buttons for drop-down menus.

Just keep in mind that websurfing uses up a lot of battery, so make sure you turn off WLAN scanning when not in use.

The Nokia N82’s not without its flaws, but I love it for its weight, size and ease of use when it comes to surfing.

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