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Blogging Break?

Posted by on 19 July 2008

islandI’ll be taking a few days off from blogging from Sunday (tomorrow) to Tuesday — or so I hope — because we’re going to Pulau Bintan for a few days of much needed R & R.

Pulau Bintan is an island that’s officially part of Indonesia but it’s so close to Singapore that hotel rates, food prices and entrance fees to elephant shows and such tend to follow the Singaporean rate. But if you’re Asian (or at least look Asian) and if you can speak some Indonesian, you might just pass off as a local and get to enjoy local rates for certain things. And local rates are about half the usual tourist rate, mind you!

With RoundBoy and the twins tagging along, there’ll be tons of things to pack — day clothes, pajamas, swimming clothes, sunscreen, strollers, toys, bottles (sadly, the twins are not weaned yet!), diapers, assorted crackers and tidbits, not to mention my own clothes, phone charger, charcoal tablets, toiletries, and the usual other stuff that I bring along whenever I travel.

I’m also debating with myself whether or not to bring along my Nikon D40 or just bring along my old Pentax WPi. The waterproof feature of the latter will definitely be useful for the pool and the beach, but I will sorely miss the former during sunset… Of course, I can bring both cameras with me. But if I won’t be using my D40, it will just add to the stuff that I need to keep an eye on during the trip, hence, I’d much rather not bring it if I won’t be using it.

Anyway, I better cut my rambling short and start packing now.

While I’m in Pulau Bintan, I will do my very best to take a break, like I’m supposed to. But if there is broadband internet in the hotel room and if I manage to take nice pics of the beach, maybe — just maybe — you’ll be hearing from me before Wednesday! :D

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