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Wandering Minds, Wandering Hands

Posted by on 1 August 2008

Why do people’s minds wander? During meetings, during prayers, when watching movies, in class…

Like this morning. One minute I’m listening intently to our MD. Then I hear a familiar grumble in my stomach as lunchtime approaches. I find myself thinking about where to go for lunch. It’s a Friday, after all, and Friday lunch breaks in Malaysia are from 12.30 to 2.30 pm. Hmm… what will it be today? Nasi ayam? Soto ayam? Or maybe some clay pot yee mee? Then I remembered how it’s been ages since I last exercised. And start wondering how much weight I’ve gained this week from all those high teas and dinners. Arggh! I need to lose weight! I wonder if Leptovox works? But what would my doctor say about it? Which reminds me, I need to see the dermatologist tomorrow. Uh-oh, I promised the kids to take them to the National Library Saturday morning..

And so on and so forth. In mere split seconds, one’s mind can flit from one topic to another, topics more diverse than those covered by Wikipedia.

And one more thing — why do people’s hands ‘wander’, as well? Especially during meetings? People like me, that is. I always have this tendency to doodle on the margins of meeting notes. And sometimes, I do drawings like this one.


It made me realise how long it has been since I last drew anything.

And it also made me realise how bad my handwriting has become. Blame it on too much computer use!

Photo taken with the Nokia N82, no flash, fluorescent white balance, close up mode. Omni lighting effect added with Photoshop Elements 2.0.

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