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Mommy Duty

Posted by on 19 August 2008

There’s a bug going around and the twins have caught it. It’s the dreaded trio of colds, cough and fever. The colds get their noses clogged, so they end up breathing through their mouths. And when they do, inevitably, dust and other irritants go into their sensitive throats and lungs, leading to a coughing fit. The fever only adds to their discomfort. You think it’s bad enough caring for one toddler? Imagine having to care for two!

I hardly slept the past two nights because the twins kept waking up. It’s either the cough bothering them so much until they end up vomiting, or the fever making them fitful.

Then there’s husa in Cebuano a.k.a. mengigau in Malay. It’s what happens when kids play too much or laugh too much during the day especially when it’s too close to bedtime. They end up crying suddenly in their sleep for no apparent reason, tossing and turning while saying things like ‘Itu Adik punye‘ (That belongs to Little Brother) or ‘Adik, Abang tak nampak‘ (Little Brother, Big Brother cannot see). All the while asleep! Kinda like a temper tantrum, except that they’re sleeping. It has nothing to do with their illness but it just makes things a lot worse.

DH tried to help me, believe me. But what was I to do? The twins only want their Mama. The maid can’t even get past the bedroom door without the twins screaming ‘Tak nak Kak Amah‘ (I don’t want Amah) in a voice so loud, they could probably be heard by the neighbours all the way at the end of the street.

I’m quite used to the sleepless nights by now (hint: why else would I name this blog ‘Sleepless In KL’?) but I detest the unsightly side effect that I get whenever I’m sleep-deprived — pimples! And I’ve yet to find an acne cream that works for me.

So until the twins get better, the posts that have been forming in my head will have to stay in my head — stuff like my daily dose of crème brûlée, resetting my goals, cowboys in KL, and my review of Mandara Spa in Angsana Bintan and Prince Hotel KL.

Gotta go! I think I hear Twin1 crying!

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