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If I Could Turn Back Time…

Posted by on 20 August 2008

Wells Fargo watchThe twins are so much better today, thanks be to God! They seem to be responding well to the expensive new medication prescribed to them by their paediatrician. As proof of that, for the first time in days, they slept through the night last night. I was shocked to wake up before 7 am and realise that I, too, had some 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep :D

Feeling totally energised by my 7-hour recharge session and the fact that the twins were still sleeping at 7 am, I immediately grabbed the opportunity to have a short run on the treadmill while listening to the radio. As I scanned stations, the deejays in Mix.FM caught my attention with their topic for the day: if you could turn back time or go back in time, at what point in time would you like to go back to?

Now that really got me thinking. But it didn’t take long for me to come up with an answer. If I could go back in time, I’d definitely like to go back to the time when I was in university. The reason is simple: I made many life-altering decisions and choices — both direct and indirectly — at that time. My choice of major (a.k.a. concentration), for instance, eventually determined my career choices.

I’d also want to go back to that point in time just so I could change my relationships with people, to be nicer and kinder to anyone and everyone. I’d force myself not to feel so shy just because I was a probinsiyana (budak kampung) so that when people reached out to me in friendship, I could and should have reciprocated their gesture. Yes, I was shy, mahinhin, di makabasag pinggan (Tagalog, literally: ‘can’t break a plate’), pijak semut tak mati (Malay, literally: ‘an ant wouldn’t die if I stepped on it’) and all that. But I’ll save that for another post sometime :P

So…what about you? If you could go back in time, at what point in time would you like to go back to?

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