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TripAdvisor on Facebook

Posted by on 26 August 2008

Initially, I resisted signing up for Facebook because I felt I wouldn’t have the time for it. But I ended up signing up anyway because I wanted to contact my former English teacher in Ateneo and she was somehow in Facebook and couldn’t be found anywhere else on the Web.

I was sure glad I signed up because I managed to hook up with a lot of old friends from Ateneo de Manila — batchmates, my seniors, and my juniors alike.

Oh, and I also had a lot of fun tinkering with Trip Advisor’s Travel Map.

All you need to do is click on cities that you’ve already visited from TripAdvisor’s default list. TripAdvisor will then pin those places in the world map. At some point, I found that the list of cities took some time to load, hence I decided to click on certain areas of the world map instead and just zoomed in to refresh my memory on which cities I’ve already visited. Most of them are on the map (such as Puebla, Mexico and Zaandam, The Netherlands) but some aren’t (such as smaller towns in the Philippines).

After I was done, I was blown away by the results — so far, I’ve been to 60 81 cities in 19 countries! True, most of my trips were work-related, mostly two- or three-day trips crammed with meetings, lunch meetings and dinner meetings. But then again, some trips were family holidays, thanks to some irresistible travel deals, usually involving AirAsia. (What can I say? They’re pretty generous with free ticket giveaways!) But in the end, whether it was for business or pleasure, I have been to those places. And I feel so blessed. Even if it means renewing my passport every 2 years or so at exhorbitant prices in the Philippine Embassy in KL. Yes, Virginia, they charge a ridiculous amount — in Malaysian Ringgit, no less! — for making a new passport, easily 3 times as much as what you’d pay if you did in the Philippines. But I digress…

Click here if you want to waste a good hour or so making your own travel map. Have fun! :)

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