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10 Rules For The Dieter

Posted by on 28 August 2008

When you are on a low-calorie diet:

Rule #1: Eat your meals on time. Don’t skip meals.

Rule #2: Eat plenty of vegetables and lean protein, minimise your carbs, and avoid processed foods.

Rule #3: Drink plenty of water in between meals.

Rule #4: If you MUST snack, have healthy snacks on hand — fresh fruits, dried dates, raisins, toasted nuts.

Rule #5: If a supplier gives you 4 boxes of chocolate, give 1 box to your assistant and 1 box to the driver, but keep the box of plain milk chocolates for the kids (knowing how they hate nuts in their chocolate) and keep the box of chocolate-coated macadamia nuts to share with your mom.

Rule #6: If you find yourself with a splitting headache at 6.04pm due to low blood sugar level because your last meal was lunch at 12.38pm, you are allowed to open the box of macadamia nuts. But you can only have ONE piece.

Rule #7: If, after having one piece, your headache still hasn’t gone away, and you are trapped in a massive traffic jam on the highway due to a heavy downpour, you are allowed to eat just one more piece of the macadamia nut only. Set aside the milk chocolate coating for the kids later.

Rule #8: If you find that macadamia nuts taste rather plain without the milk chocolate coating (kinda like how strawberries just don’t taste as good as they do when dipped in chocolate), you are allowed just one more macadamia nut with HALF of the chocolate coating for flavour.

Rule #9: Once you realise that you may just have exceeded your caloric requirement for the day before even having had your dinner, then make a date with the treadmill tonight even if today’s supposed to be a rest day.

Rule #10: Write a self-deprecating blog post to make yourself feel better and to keep your hands mind off the chocolates. And try to remember what Dr. Pat said about getting rid of the extra inches the hard way instead of looking for quick weight loss solutions.


Ahh….Why are the best things in life fattening? :(

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