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Major Scare

Posted by on 30 August 2008

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I got a major scare yesterday afternoon when a technical glitch made all my posts ‘disappear’. The header was there. So was the side bar. But no posts!

I turned hot and cold. Literally. Why oh why did I not think about backing up everything before this?

My head started to throb menacingly after I checked WordPress’ list of posts and nothing came out. My heart sank when the Dashboard said “There are 0 posts, 0 comments and 0 categories.

Mentally berating myself, I hurriedly did a Google search on the posts that mean the most to me — ‘When Egg Was Yellow‘, ‘Introducing RoundBoy‘, ‘OnlyGirl‘, ‘Has It Really Been 10 Year Already?‘, ‘The Twins @ 2 Yrs 3 Mos‘ — and heaved a huge sigh of relief when I saw that Google cached a lot of them. I spent about an hour searching and printing them out. Just in case.

Click here to see an explanation of how Google takes snapshots of websites and stores (caches) them as a backup.

I was told that my posts didn’t really ‘disappear’ but there was some problem with the webhosting. The news calmed me down a bit, but my headache persisted, worry lingering at the back of my mind.

When I woke up this morning, naturally, the first thing I did was check my site. I let out a silent whoop (as the twins were still sleeping) when my posts finally loaded.

I shall, therefore, make it a point to back up all my posts this weekend. And if you have a site of your own, I strongly urge you to do the same!

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