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Batman & Spiderman

Posted by on 18 September 2008

The other night, the twins were playing pretend.

Twin2: ‘Bang, jom main Batman Spiderman. (Big Brother, come let’s play ‘Batman Spiderman’.)
Twin1: Okay!

They then turned away from each other (one of them even hiding behind the sofa), each pretending to put on what I assumed was their Batman and Spiderman costumes.

They then faced each other…and started pummeling each other with their fists! The funny thing was, neither of them have the coordination to make a proper punching action yet, so it was more like they had their arms stretched while they moved their little fists up and down!

Naturally, I quickly put an end to the ‘fight’, to their consternation.

Ahh…twins. Double the trouble but double the fun!

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