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Bubble Twins

Posted by on 8 October 2008

I was browsing through the twins’ pics to pick out something to upload to my Facebook account and found this pic of them playing with bubbles in an inflatable pool. I knew right then and there that I had to post it in my blog, as well!

twins playing with bubbles

Here are two other photos taken on the same day:

twins playing with bubbles

The third one’s my favourite. Too bad it doesn’t show Twin1’s face.

twins playing with bubbles

Umm…and yeah. That’s Twin2 on the left…so that means Twin2’s the one on the left in all of the above photos. I wasn’t so sure until I looked at the last pic. They look so alike that even their own mother gets confused sometimes :P

These pics are good examples of what they call bokeh shots, i.e. the background is blurred so as to focus the viewer’s attention on the main subject.

Photos taken with a D80, back when the twins were 1 year, 6 months old.

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