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Crunch Time

Posted by on 15 October 2008

As the whole world watches and waits for the next chapter of the economic quagmire that just gets more complicated each day, our company has taken steps to cut down our operating costs, so as to remain competitive. Things like minimising OT (overtime), reviewing certain benefits for the managers, even mundane stuff like removing an extra fluorescent bulb or two in areas with more than sufficient lighting.

Then there’s the decision to restrict internet access to selected company officers only, with the aim of increasing employee productivity. This move has met with a certain degree of disgruntlement, although I think it’s only fair because company email is accessible via our local area network (LAN) and most people do not really need to connect to the internet in order to do their jobs. Besides, the company is providing a common terminal that’s connected to the internet for anyone to use should they need to search for or check something online. If this move is already causing such a ruckus, I wonder what would happen if the management decides to install keylogger software next!

Moving on to the domestic front, I’ve also started thinking of ways of economising at home. For one, the electric bill can be reduced, if only the kids will cooperate and remember to turn off lights and fans that aren’t in use. Then there’s the grocery shopping — I’ve got to learn to be more disciplined and stick to my shopping list, doing away with all the unnecessary stuff. Eating out must be reduced, as well. Plus, I’ve got to think of more creative ways of dealing with leftovers.

My only problem now are my kids — they keep losing their school shoes, which cost quite a considerable sum! I can understand them losing both shoes (which can easily be blamed to theft or mistaken identity) but — believe it or not — my kids often come back with just one shoe. And it doesn’t end there. They always seem to lose the same shoe (i.e. the right shoe) so I’ve never had the chance to recycle a usable pair yet!

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