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To My RoundBoy

Posted by on 29 October 2008

My dearest RoundBoy,

I will never forget the day you were born. It started just like any other day, except that, when I went for a check-up at noon, my doctor told me that I would give birth that day. I was shocked and didn’t believe her because there was no pain, no bleeding, no water breaking, no nothing. At 6 pm, at her insistence, I reluctantly allowed myself to be admitted into the clinic. One hour later, I was still walking around in my room, chatting with your Abah and I remember him asking me “Betul ke you nak bersalin ni?” (Are you sure you’re giving birth today?) to which I replied “Entah! I tak rasa sakit pun!” (I dunno! I don’t even feel any pain). So I shooed him home to take a shower and check on your brother and sister. He got back to the clinic at around 8 pm, just in time to accompany me into the labour room. At 8.30 pm, we welcomed you into this world, all 4.07 kg of you (almost 9 lbs!). To this day, I still can’t figure out how I managed to give birth to you via normal delivery, without an epidural. (I don’t remember who was more shocked at your size — me or my doctor!)

You were the baby of the family for so long that, even though you are now big brother to the twins, deep in my heart, I still think of you as our baby. My baby.
From top left: Newborn roundness – Poster boy – At Selesa Hill Homes, Malaysia – Sports Day, May 2005 – Proudly wearing daycare uniform for the first time –  Inside AirAsia cockpit after landing at Bali, July 2006 – Riding a horse at the foot of Mt. Bromo, Surabaya, June 2007 – On a boat in Phuket, March 2008

Today, you turn 7 years old and I can’t be any prouder. You were at the top of your class when you finished K2 last year, skipping Primary 1 and plunging fearlessly into Primary 2 at the most tender age of six.

And proud as I am of your academic achievements, I am prouder still of the person that you’ve become. You are among the sweetest, most sensitive souls I know. You are so insightful, you often surprise me with your questions and observations that reflect so much maturity beyond your years. You are so loving and affectionate that I can’t help but think of how wonderful you’d be as a husband and father one day.

In the meantime, I will take each day as it comes and enjoy watching you grow. And I shall ‘sing’ to you our special silly song while I still can (because I know, one day, you won’t allow me anymore!):-

You are my round boy, my only round boy
You make me happy all night, all day
I’ll always love you even if you’re not round
Please don’t take my RoundBoy away.

(*to the tune of ‘You Are My Sunshine’)

Happy birthday, my RoundBoy!

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