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Behind The Glamour

Posted by on 14 December 2008

Behind all glamour and perks that come with being a career woman —  the overseas trips, the rental cars fitted with Garmin GPS, the dinner meetings in the poshest hotels, the company car with leather seats, the power suits,  the branded handbags…

Coach bag

…you’ll find that a working mom is still… a mom.

Lego inside Coach bag

A piece of Lego is probably the last thing you’d expect to find inside my Coach handbag. [NB: The bag’s my early birthday present from a good friend from Manila (Maraming-maraming salamat uli, Juvy!).]

But with a working mom like me, you’ll never know what you can unearth from my bag. Sometimes, you’ll find a diaper or two. Or a packet of wet wipes and maybe a couple of sweets.

But you’ll always find at least one pack of tissues, a nail-clipper, a marker pen (for writing kids’ names on books/shoes/toys), and my all-around cure of boo-boo’s — a couple of plasters (a.k.a. Band-Aids).

bag contents

I am, after all, first and foremost, a mother. Always have been. Always will be. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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