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When You Pray To God…

Posted by on 24 December 2008

when you pray to God

I found this very moving thought from, the blog of Raden Galoh, a Malaysian woman who writes about her struggles as she fights against The Big C. (Kak Raden, I hope you don’t mind my ‘borrowing’ it!)

The original quotation in Malay reads:-

Bila Tuhan segera makbulkan do’amu, itu tanda Dia kasihkan dirimu…
Bila Tuhan lambat makbulkan do’amu, itu tanda Dia mengujimu…
Bila Tuhan tidak makbulkan do’amu, Dia ada perancangan lain buatmu.

Which I have translated to English (and embellished a bit, for reasons of style) as below:-

When you pray to God and He immediately answers you,
Be thankful — that just goes to show how much He loves you.
When you pray to God and He takes a long time to answer you,
Be patient — perhaps He is just testing you.
When you pray to God and He does not seem to answer you,
Have faith — He may have other plans for you.

Her battle began in October 2004 when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer, stage 2. After undergoing a radical mastectomy, the doctors found out that 14 out of 22 lymph nodes taken from her have been invaded by the cancer cells. Between January and July 2005, she endured 6 cycles of chemotherapy and 24 sessions of radiotherapy. Alas, in July 2008, PETSCAN results showed that the cancer has spread to her liver, left chest wall, right jaw and left collar bone nodes. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy (DOCETAXEL drug) with a 3-cycle-break for PET scans followed by radiotherapy to the ovary.

She writes in vivid detail about the pain, the dizziness, the nausea, the exhaustion and everything else that she has to endure in the course of her treatments. Yet through it all, she never wavers in her steadfastness and faith in God. As I read her accounts, all the little things in my life that I’ve always complained and fretted and worried about — backaches, an airconditioner that doesn’t work, diet pills (to take or not to take?), a laptop that hangs and a PC that’s agonizingly slow — they’re all suddenly reduced into insignificance.

Click here to see the same photograph as above but with the original Malay quotation on it. Both versions can be used as wallpapers. (Hint: Click on the above image to see the bigger photo of the English version.)

Photo taken at Keukenhof in Lisse, Netherlands (May 2008).

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