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Free Internet At Jakarta Airport

Posted by on 8 February 2009

Weary travelers who pass through Jakarta airport, take heart! For free internet is now available at Jakarta’s Cengkareng Airport. The stations are few and far between. But given how Jakarta’s airport was before this, I say the limited free internet stations are a big progress.


It used to be that you only had 3 options while waiting for your flight in Jakarta:-

  • twiddle your thumbs in the pre-departure gate; or
  • pay for overpriced coffee at the sole Starbucks outlet after the Immigration counters; or
  • blow serious bucks to enter one of the private lounges.

Now, you can check email, find out what the weather is like at your intended destination, or Google up some data on Outer Banks properties in preparation for an upcoming presentation just before boarding your flight.

Broadband services are provided by Speedy. The speed is quite good but I’m not sure how often they maintain the terminals — during my last trip to Jakarta some two weeks ago, one of two terminals along the aisle towards E1-E4 gates was broken.


My only grouse? Inconsiderate passengers who hog the already too few terminals. The last time I wanted to use one of the terminals, I had to wait for a guy who idly browsed through his emails, then going to some random sites, despite his seeing me standing discreetly a short distance away, waiting for my turn. I waited for 15 minutes (15 minutes!!!) before finally giving up and walking slowly to my pre-departure gate. Which was just as well. Apparently, it was the final call for boarding already :P

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