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P.S. I Love You

Posted by on 20 February 2009

P.S. I Love You Foreword: I must apologise that I’ve been momentarily side-tracked and find myself writing about books and movies, which are not the original intended subjects of this blog. It just so happens that I recently purchased a good number of DVDs at such incredible prices and they’ve been keeping me awake late into the night. Oh well, since they’re keeping me sleepless, I guess they still fit into this blog perfectly ;) I promise to post something travel-related soon, okay? In the meantime, please indulge me.

– Friday, 20th Feb 2009, 1.19 a.m.

I don’t recall ever watching a movie that made me cry and laugh and cry and laugh from the beginning until the end. Literally.

I don’t recall ever watching a movie that made me so desperately want to read the book from which it was adapted.

I don’t recall ever feeling so happy, almost triumphant, after watching a movie, my face stretched in a grin, my eyes wet with tears.

‘P.S. I Love You’ did all these to me and more.

The movie is based on the novel by Cecelia Ahern, daughter of Bertie Ahern (former Irish Taoiseach), and sister of Georgina Ahern, the lucky girl who snagged Irish pop group Westlife’s Nicky Byrne. I’ve never read the novel but now I am determined to. Because if its film adaptation is fantastic, the book can only be a hundred times better.

The movie starts off with a scene that portrays Holly and Gerry as a couple madly in love with each other, but who are also just like any other married couple who argue over the littlest things then make up afterwards. Then the movie suddenly shifts to Gerry’s very unconventional funeral.

Apparently, Gerry died from a brain tumour and Holly has a hard time getting over the fact that he’s no longer there. She spends the first three weeks in their apartment, not bathing, not cleaning up, not picking up anyone’s calls.

One fine day, her mother and best friends drop by unexpectedly for a surprise birthday celebration. In the middle of the celebration, the biggest surprise drops in on them, in the form of a special delivery — a huge pink birthday cake that comes with the words “Happy Birthday With Love From Gerry” on top. Taped to the cake box is a cassette player, with the words “Play me” scrawled in Gerry’s familiar handwriting. So Holly presses the ‘Play’ button, her eyes welling up with tears upon hearing the voice that she has been missing so sorely. In that tape, Gerry commands her to go out and have fun on her birthday and, more importantly, to watch out for some letters that he wrote, the first one of which will come the day after her birthday. And it did. And it gave Holly hope and enough reason to keep on living.

More letters came after that. And they kept on coming in the most unexpected of ways. All of the letters triggered all sorts of memories for Holly. And they kept her alive and pushed her to go forward.

Inasmuch as her mother was happy that Holly was getting back on to her feet again, she was also deeply concerned because, as she told Holly, the letters can’t possibly go on forever.

How does the story end? I’d have to ask you to find out for yourself by watching the movie yourself… or perhaps, reading the book, which is the next thing that I intend to do.

I can guarantee you that this movie will be one of the best 2 hours you’ll ever spend glued to a TV screen (or computer monitor, like what I did). I doubt if any woman will finish the movie without shedding a tear or two along the way. As for the men, this may very well be one of the best date movies there is to date ;) It may not be an action thriller, but it’s fast paced and full of surprises at every twist and turn, so you need not fear about feeling bored.

Excellent script, wonderful cast, great soundtrack, fantastic locations. Get the DVD. Now. And get a box of tissues ready at hand.

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