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Luggage Lockers At Amsterdam Central Station

Posted by on 24 February 2009

Most hotels in Amsterdam require you to check out by noon. Hence, if you have a considerable amount of luggage with you, this situation might pose a challenge to you if your outbound flight is in the evening and you intend to do some last-minute shopping or sightseeing in the afternoon.

One way of dealing with the situation is to leave your luggage with the hotel. But this may not be feasible if the hotel is not exactly reputable and/or if it’s located in an area that is not so accessible.

The luggage locker at Amsterdam Central Station just might provide the solution to your quandary. After all, all buses, trams and trains converge there. From Central Station, you can also easily take a train to Schiphol Airport.

At Central Station, just follow the signs to the lockers (or ask one of the policemen loitering around).

to lockers

Get your credit card ready because the machines don’t accept cash. Insert your card, select your preferred locker size, and how long you intend to keep your bags in the locker. The machine will then dispense a ticket.

Take the ticket and look for an empty locker, indicated by a green square beside it. Lockers with a red square are already occupied (see photo below, on the left).

Open the door, put in your bags and close the locker. The door will automatically be locked.

In case you’re wondering how big the ‘Large’ lockers are, they’re big enough to comfortably fit two bags, the type that can be carried onboard the aircraft without question (photo below, on the right).

available locker    inside the large lockers

Rates for the lockers are as below:-

  • 0 to 24 hours: €4.50 (Small), €7.00 (Large)
  • 25-72 hours: €6.50 per 24 hours (Small), €10.00 per 24 hours (Large)
  • After 72 hours: €8.50 per 24 hours (Small), €13 per 24 hours (Large)

Hold on to your ticket because if you lose it, you’ll have to pay €10. And if your luggage has to be removed (e.g. when you exceed the time for which you paid for), be prepared to shell out €70.

Most important of all: your ticket can be used to open the locker once and only once. If you’ve already closed the locker and need to open it because you forgot to take out, say, your passport, you’ll have to pay again.

Operating hours are from 7 am to 11 pm (0700 hrs to 2300 hrs).

A similar luggage locker system is also available at Schiphol Airport. Rates are about the same, but if I remember correctly, Schiphol has lockers that are large enough for much bigger bags.

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