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Twins Crying Together

Posted by on 18 March 2009

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like when twins cry at the same time, wonder no more…

Video taken when my twins were 3 months old. Twin1 on the right, Twin2 on the left.

11 Responses to Twins Crying Together

  1. avril

    I can’t imagine. But they are 3 years old now and I think they are manageable. Thanks God for the your wonderful kids!

  2. sheng

    Thanks God for they have you as their mom!

  3. witsandnuts

    That must be challenging and rewarding at the same time. Must be a great experience to have a twin.

  4. J.

    Wow Mimi, it’s really like double everything, no?

  5. dong ho

    i too like having twins. but i think it needs a lot of patience with a loving smile to make them happy.

  6. kg

    parang pang youtube ha! :) grabe! i wonder how it’s like to have twins. isa nga lang ng hirap na eh!

    have a great weekend mimi! :)

  7. cathj

    uhhh.. I dont want to imagine…1 is already happening… I just dont dare to imagine for 2 crying… ;-)

  8. caryn

    heehee. i’ve always wanted twins (i read SVH when i was young) pero parang ang hirap na ang saya ;-)

  9. Mimi

    twins are double the joy, double the fun, but double the trouble and double the work. but i feel so blessed to have them. there’s nothing quite like it :)

    i have to confess, i broke down and cried when they were about a week old. i felt so overwhelmed, esp that their 3 older siblings were so demanding at that time, too, bec they haven’t quite adjusted to the new arrivals yet.

  10. Alice Teh

    Mothers are the greatest! :D

  11. Munchkin Mommy

    awww. the precious little things! :D

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