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Ouch ;)

Posted by on 7 April 2009

I drove RoundBoy and OnlyGirl in a separate car to school this morning because I needed to buy some books from the school’s bookshop. Since we were caught in the usual morning crawl, I asked RoundBoy to check his timetable so that he could take out the books that he doesn’t need in class today, in order to lessen the load in his schoolbag. He took out one book and put it beside him on the backseat.

RoundBoy: Mama, the book is here at the back. Make sure you bring it back, okay?

Mama: Okay.

RoundBoy: Are you sure you won’t forget?

Mama: I won’t. And even if I do, I will surely see it later when I go to work. And even if I still forget, we can always take it out of the car tonight.

OnlyGirl to RoundBoy: I left my books in the car last time and Mama remembered.

RoundBoy: But that was BEFORE (direct translation of the Malay ‘dulu‘, used to indicate a period of time in the past). Now, Mama is so much older!

Mama: (laughing out loud) I’m not THAT old!

RoundBoy: (grinning impishly) What??! Everyone gets older everyday…

How  can you possibly argue with that? ;)

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