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Off To Oman…

Posted by on 29 April 2009

I’m heading off to Muscat, Oman with my Samsonite luggage in tow and will be off the blogosphere for the next few days. For now, I leave you with some photos that I took on my last trip to Muscat in January 2008.

Oman tourism

Oman Tourism information counter at the airport, decorated with a giant khanjar, the traditional curved Omani dagger.


Mutrah market and its environs. Mutrah market is the place to go to if you wish to experience a market with an old-world feel. Lots of burners, incense, traditional Omani garb, souvenirs, and spices (including saffron) are available there. Make sure you haggle before buying!

inside Mutrah market

Inside Mutrah market. That’s a traditional Omani dress (in blue) that you see on the right hand side. The dress is worn with matching baggy  trousers.

stained glass skylight in Mutrah market

Stained glass skylight in Mutrah market. I was tempted to get down really low so that I could capture the entire thing, but I was already getting too many curious stares already so I decided to make do with this shot.


Rows of kumma for sale. Kumma is the traditional Omani skull cap. The good ones are expensive because they’re stitched by hand.


An Omani family walking past a Caucasian couple. Photo taken in front of Mutrah market. Seagulls abound all around.


A tourist boat in the shape of a traditional Omani fishing boat.


A stone fort in the craggy mountains along the Omani coastline.

Port Sultan Qaboos

Containers held aloft at Port Sultan Qaboos at sunset.


A portion of Muscat, flanked by its barren hills.

I hope to be back next week with tonnes and tonnes and tonnes of pics! :)


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11 Responses to Off To Oman…

  1. witsandnuts

    I’m seeing khanjar on keychains and postcards, I find it very Mid East. That’s a lovely glass skylight. Oman is near here, let’s see if I’ll be visiting this in the future. Take care!

  2. dong ho

    wow! i didnt know oman is that beautiful. i particularly like the landscape of as seen from the sea.

    the galleon is something that i wish to ride in the future. similar to the junks in halong bay.

    enjoy your trip!

  3. sheng

    Enjoy the trip Mimi, very nice pics you have shared here, i guess we’ll be waiting for more of this…

  4. Mimi

    Sometimes I get all delusional and think of myself as some sort of artist who tries to find beauty in whatever circumstance or location I’m in and attempt to capture its essence with my camera. And hope that my photos can allow you to feel exactly how I felt while I was taking those photos.

  5. cpsanti

    whoa. the stained glass dome really made me stare ;-)

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