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Omani Silver As Souvenirs

Posted by on 19 May 2009

When in Oman and looking for some souvenirs, just rush to the nearest souk and buy yourself some Omani silver.

The choices are bewildering, as everything is crammed side by side on walls and shelves, hanging from the low ceilings, mixed up nonchalantly in bins and barrels.

The most obvious choice is the traditional curved dagger, the khanjar.  If you buy one, just make sure you don’t put it in your hand-carried luggage because, well…it’s a real dagger. And it can be pretty sharp, too.Omani khanjar image from

There are also boxes so tiny, I wondered what they were for (snuff boxes? pill boxes?), mostly plain, some inlaid with what looked like lapiz azuli. There are traditional belts and bangles, an odd helmet or two. Chains, pendants, bracelets, rings, toe rings. Lamps in various sizes.

Omani silver

I rubbed a few of those lamps but didn’t have any luck finding a genie who’d grant me three wishes. But I got something better: DH found me this pair of lovely earrings.

silver earrings

I fell in love instantly. And felt giddy when DH insisted on paying for them ;)

(NB: The earrings are about 75% smaller than as depicted in the photo.)

All items are sold by weight and are, surprisingly, quite affordable.

If you’re shopping in Muttrah market, take note that the shops close from 12 noon to 4 pm daily. Most shops only take cash but some accept Visa and MasterCard. Just watch out for the unmistakable Visa and MasterCard signs by the shop window or beside the cashier.

8 Responses to Omani Silver As Souvenirs

  1. mordsith

    the khanjar looks beautiful and historical. i wanna have one. your earrings are lovely. did you wear it na? :)

  2. odette

    lovely earrings! and what a sweet husband to buy it for you!
    i’ve always preferred understated jewelry, which imho, could only either be in silver or white gold. ^-^

    the dagger is something my brothers would definitely love. they even have a very long and very sharp samurai sword. which gives my mom and me the creeps. what is it with boys and weapons?

  3. witsandnuts

    I liked the earrings. It’s classy. Your Oman related posts are encouraging, let’s see if I’d visit Oman sooner or later. =)

  4. cpsanti

    heeheehee. naglaway ako at the sight of those trinkets! love love!

  5. Mimi

    mordsith: naturally, i wore them right away ;)

    odette: samurai sword? whoa!

    witsandnuts: there’s a lot to see in oman but i didn’t have the time.

    cpsanti: oo nga. i regretted not buying more. but we were rushing coz the shop was about to close. we didn’t know re: 12-4 pm closure when we went there.

  6. sheng

    lovely earrings, i would love to have jewelries too, but hubby does not approve, he’d rather save it in banks, as if we have much, hehehe…

  7. Josiet

    Beautiful earrings! I love it! =)

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