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The Great Missed Call Mystery

Posted by on 20 May 2009

missed callIt’s a universal fact that your mobile phone almost always rings when you’re in the bathroom or busy with something or another.

By the time you’re reunited with your phone, you pick it up and scroll through the ‘Missed Calls’ list to check who it was. You see an unfamiliar number and, for a moment, you hesitate if you should call or not.

What if it’s urgent?

What if it’s your son, using a friend’s phone with a prepaid number and his friend has ran out of credit?

What if it’s your mom, stuck with a flat tyre and an empty battery, borrowing a stranger’s phone?

So you decide to satisfy your curiousity and call back.

The phone rings once, twice, thrice…then you find yourself taken aback by an unfamiliar voice at the other end that demands to know, “Who is this?”

You stutter and say, “I’m just returning your call. You called me just a while ago,” silently berating yourself for even bothering to call the dimwit back.

Sometimes, it gets worse: he/she even gets the nerve to ask who you are and where you are located. “Siapa tu? Kat mana ni?”

The worst case I ever got? It turned out to be some telemarketer, who then proceeded smoothly to make his pitch.

Does this happen to you, too?

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