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Missing Omani Kebab

Posted by on 22 May 2009

What is it with me and food from faraway places that I visit?

I’ve been craving for Omani kebab lately like crazy. And it didn’t help when I browsed through the pics that I took in Oman and found this shot that I took of an old man selling kebab from the roadside, somewhere along a highway to As-Seeb.

Omani man selling kebab

The chunks of lamb were unbelievably tender, the flavours so intense — sour and salty and distinctively smokey — that typing these words alone has already triggered a massive flooding from my salivary glands.

I suppose it was quite a sight that night: 2 BMW’s parked at the roadside, surrounded by two Omani men clad in their dishdasha and kumma,  two Asian men clad in Western garb, three Asian woman also in Western clothes but with hennaed hands and feet, chomping happily on stick after stick after stick of kebabs that only cost 100 baisas each (RM1 ~ USD0.30).

kebab stop

I find that it’s little things like this that make the most memorable moments in my trips — not the bright and shiny airports and shopping malls, but the small, unexpected encounters with the local people and local food.

Psst…here’s a secret: I always have charcoal tablets to fall back on, just in case the local food doesn’t agree with my digestive system ;)

My apologies for the grainy photos. I wasn’t sure how the old man would react to my taking photos without asking for permission first. Thus, I just took a few shots using whatever available light was there (i.e. from the dim streetlamp) before he could even realise that I was taking photos, albeit from a distance.

6 Responses to Missing Omani Kebab

  1. mordsith

    I like kebab, although I haven’t tasted a genuine one, like that in Oman. It’s not really the shiny airports and shopping malls, its the kebab in the street that people remember! :)

  2. J.

    Your description of those kebabs makes me want to run to the mid-eastern restaurant just down the street at this crazy time of night (10:55!) Isn’t it that they say our first experience of the world is through our mouths? Your post makes this even more true! I hope you travel more, eat more food, and take more pictures! Bob Krist would approve. :)

  3. Mimi

    mordsith: exactly!

    j: ah now you know how i’ve been feeling lately. the taste is still lingering in my mind… i’m going to amsterdam next week and my mission this time around is to taste some pickled herring :D

  4. odette

    food talk is a mental torture for me.
    my taste buds are protesting violently at the moment, they’ve been on potatoes for a loooonnnggg time already. ^-^

  5. caryn

    funnily enough, this made me crave turkish food ;-) ah, i hope the doner kebab van passes by my building later ;-)

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