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Jetlagged In KL

Posted by on 1 June 2009

I arrived KL Saturday morning but jetlag has kept me from writing any new posts. All I’ve been doing was sleeping the weekend away. The six-hour time difference truly wreaked havoc on my physiological system, not to mention the 11-hour flight from Amsterdam to Singapore, plus the two-hour transit in Singapore and 45-minute flight from Singapore to KL (waiting time for luggage and drive back home from KLIA not included).

So until I’ve achieved some semblance of normalcy,  this short post would have to suffice for now. I just wanted to let you all know that I’m back and that I’ll be posting lots of stuff — with pics, naturally — about the Netherlands and Belgium in the next few days. Nothing on Bruges, though, because that part of the trip was canceled due to time constraints. But there will be a small giveaway. So keep posted ;)

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