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Posted by on 25 June 2009


I’m ANGRY, ENRAGED, FUMING, FURIOUS, SEETHING, LIVID, SMOULDERING, ALL WORKED UP and TOTALLY, UTTERLY, COMPLETELY DEVASTATED, DEJECTED, DISAPPOINTED (caps fully intended!) that I cannot join my what-would-have-been-first 5 km ‘fun run’ at the KL Marathon 2009 this Sunday, 28th June.

All that preparation and training for the past TWO MONTHS gone to waste! And to think I even ran several kilometres (never mind if they were on a hotel treadmill) when I was in Oman. And in Jakarta. At midnight when the children are all asleep. Early mornings on weekends. Just so I could be ready for the run.

And all because a certain person who was supposed to register our group did not do so… for the lame reason that he’s not available on 28th June. Just because he can’t make it, everyone else has to suffer? And he only told me today, a mere three days before the actual marathon, long after the registration closed! He didn’t even tell me personally — he merely sent me a text message (which, in retrospect is a wise thing to do, considering my reaction right now!).

And this is a person whom I thought I could always depend on, who has never let me down before. I guess that’s what angers me the most.


Now you all know I don’t take disappointment very well.

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