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Posted by on 30 June 2009

When the twins started talking, they showed a marked preference for the Malay language probably because of our Indonesian maid who speaks to them in Malay. Now, they’re picking up more and more English from me and from their older siblings.

The weekend before my Capetown trip, the whole family went to a place called Taman Rimba Komanwel (Commonwealth Forest Park), where everyone except me — I had a slight fever that day — frolicked about in the river. The twins, however, spent more time playing with sand in the riverbank than they did with the water.

twins in river

Twin2 (L) and Twin1 (R) playing with sand, sticks and dried leaves on the riverbank at Taman Rimba Komanwel.

This was one of their conversations while playing with the sand.

Twin1 (Stepping back and admiring his sand creation): It’s so cool!

Twin2: (Correcting his brother) Not ‘so cool’! ‘Awesome’!

Twin1: Oh. (Turning back to his handiwork) It’s awesome!

I’m not exactly sure where they got all these words from…but I think it’s awesome :)

P.S. Photo was taken from afar because I had to stay out of the water due to my fever.  Hence, the lackluster composition.

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