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Travelling With My Samsung MiCoach

Posted by on 3 July 2009

Remember my Samsung MiCoach? The phone that a friend of a friend bought for me in Germany? I forgot you tell you that it gave me a pleasant surprise when I used it in Amsterdam and Antwerp last May.

You see, MiCoach has this feature called ‘Dynamic Display’ for its wallpaper. If I choose this option over the usual static wallpaper, I get this:-

Samsung dynamic display

Not so interesting, you might think. Well, in a way it is because when I push it open, a couple of birds will start flying across the screen. The lighting of the sky also changes according to the time of day. And when an SMS (text message) comes in at night, fireworks light up the darkened sky.

And that wallpaper is what I get whenever I’m in Malaysia or Indonesia.

But when I went to Amsterdam, suddenly I noticed a different wallpaper:

Samsung dynamic display - Netherlands

A windmill! How truly apt and fitting! It was static but a pleasant one nonetheless.

Then as we crossed the Dutch-Belgian border, suddenly the wallpaper turned to this:

Samsung dynamic display - Belgium

It’s probably a famous Belgian landmark. But I just haven’t had the chance to Google it yet.

The surprise didn’t end there, however. For when I went to Capetown, ta-dah! That’s Table Mountain you see right there!

Samsung dynamic display - South Africa

I assume this feature will only work in Europe and Africa, considering that this phone was from Europe. But if this feature works for the world’s major countries, that would be an excellent USP (unique selling proposition) for Samsung!

Update (20-Aug-2011):

In the UK, the dynamic wallpaper changes to the image of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament! Click here to see the image.

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