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Henna On My Hand

Posted by on 30 July 2009

This is what happens when you put off doing things — the files end up buried somewhere in your hard drive, almost 3 months later you unearth a photo that you really like and meant to blog about, so then you end up posting a late entry because you really like that pic.

This was the henna tattoo that I got on my hand when I went for a wedding in Oman last May. This time around, I opted not to have my nails ‘painted’ with the henna because I knew it would have taken months for my nails to grow out the henna stain. And knowing how my skin can get irritated by the chemicals that they add to the henna in Oman, I only had a small design made up to my wrists. The design faded away after about a week.

henna on hand

Oh well…you know what they say — better late than never!

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