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Life Happened

Posted by on 4 September 2009

scarf in Juniper yarnI just realised that I haven’t updated my blog for one whole week. Funny how a week feels like eternity in the blogosphere!

What happened? You might want to ask. Life happened. Yes, that’s what happened. Life happened.

Within the span of a week:-

  • RoundBoy recovered from his high-grade fever.
  • I’ve been to Jakarta and back twice.
  • Twin1 had 2 nights of low-grade fever.
  • I had an interesting conversation on my KLM flight to Jakarta last Thursday with 2 German tourists who were visiting Indonesia for the first time. They were so relieved to find out that, despite the fact that it’s the fasting month of Ramadhan, it’s still possible for them to find food and eat in the daytime in Indonesia. I was tempted to tell them about my blog but I didn’t. Because I feel quite shy about such things.
  • I bought a Nokia 2700 Classic for only Rp1 million (about USD100) so that I could have internet access while stuck in traffic jams in Jakarta. It connects to the internet using GPRS, is surprisingly stable and is much faster than my former Streamyx connection at home. (Streamyx sucks! I should write about how they lost me as a customer one of these days. There’s a lesson in customer service there.)
  • I bought a new prepaid Indonesian number that’s very easy to remember for only Rp100,000 (about USD10) because I could never quite remember my old number.
  • I experienced an earthquake in Jakarta last Wednesday — my first in the 16 odd years since I left the Philippines.
  • I got stuck for one whole hour inside a KLM plane that had ‘technical problems’ last Wednesday, sitting next to a guy who had the gall to take his sneakers off (!). I made my objection plain by covering my nose and he, mercifully, took the hint. The smell of his sweaty socks reminded me so much of natto (Japanese fermented soybeans).
  • I’m close to finishing knitting a chunky scarf from a multihued yarn called ‘Juniper’ — a lovely blend of muted purples, blues and greens.
  • I tweeted (Twittered?). And tweeted. And tweeted. If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’d have already known about some items in this list — and a whole lot more — as and when they happened.

All on top of my day job. And my mommy duties. Not to mention my search for ceiling fans (we’re renovating the porch and I’m thinking of having a fan outside). No time for photography this week. My camera’s been languishing inside the closet for a whole week now… *Sigh*

Oh. And I unearthed a draft blog post about Mt. Bromo in Surabaya that I wrote way back when the twins were 14 or 15 months old. The twins will turn 4 in January — that’s how long ago it was. I have no idea why I forgot to post it. But I’m working on resizing the pics now and should be able to post it this weekend. It’s going to be a looong post with lots of pics. Kinda like to make up for my long silence.

So…how’s life treating y’all so far? :)

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