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Putrajaya On A Sunday

Posted by on 5 October 2009

A good friend from Sydney is in town for a very short visit and I drove her to Putrajaya yesterday as part of our whirlwind tour of KL and its environs.

Putrajaya is a city south of Kuala Lumpur that serves as the federal administrative centre of Malaysia. It’s where the office of the Prime Minister is located, as well as head offices of the Ministry of Finance and Royal Customs Malaysia, among others. It’s not far from KL International Airport (KLIA) so if you are in KL with 4 hours to spare and don’t need a visa to get into Malaysia, by all means, please check in for your connecting flight early, then rush out of the airport for a quickie tour of Putrajaya.

Putrajaya turns out to be such a pleasure to visit on a Sunday. Traffic going into and out of the city was very smooth. We actually managed to stop and park at the kerb at several points to take photos.

This is my favourite shot from yesterday’s trip. That’s the Putrajaya Mosque on the left and the Prime Minister’s Office on the right.

Putrajaya mosque & office of Prime Minister

Putrajaya Mosque & the Prime Minister's Office

The guards didn’t even give me a sideways glance when I decided to stand in the middle of the road to take this photo.

road to Prime Minister's office

Road to Prime Minister's office

All photos taken with my trusty Nokia N82. Note to self: go to Putrajaya on a Sunday armed with a DSLR camera next time!

4 Responses to Putrajaya On A Sunday

  1. BlogusVox

    At last, nakapasok din sa site mo. I’ve been trying since Sunday.

    Wow, iba talaga dyan. They build one city to serve as seat of governance and other top administrative function of different agencies. Beautiful and organized. Hindi tulad sa atin, halo-halo o hindi kaya, kalat-kalat.

  2. witsandnuts

    The photos are still great even if taken by a camfone. I’m sure your friend from Sydney appreciated this side of KL.

  3. Mimi

    blogusvox: ya, medyo may site maintenance kami. and some technical problems also. sorry ha.

    now that you mention it, i do wonder where all the filipino overseas workers’ remittances go. we hardly see any infrastructure improvements in the philippines (the most basic of which are the roads). malaysia is not 100% corruption-free but we get new roads, bridges, overpasses. sometimes i even think they have wayyy too much money & don’t know what to do with it — case in point: the same roundabout (roundball) gets re-decorated in all sorts of ways every single year!

    witsandnuts: she liked what she saw in putrajaya. and she was amused to wear a long pink ‘gown’ with hood (kinda like a graduation toga) in order to go inside the putrajaya mosque ^_^

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