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Deepavali Holiday

Posted by on 17 October 2009

By the time this post gets published, I’ll be in a small village somewhere in Southern Philippines with the twins, a place so small that everyone knows everyone else and what everyone else is up to, where Ladybug steam cleaners are unheard of, where you can ask the tricycle driver to wait for you while you get off at a small bakery shop en route your destination, where the skies are still smog-free and the waters run so clear, you can see right through the bottom.

We’ll be visiting my paternal grandmother who has always wished to see the twins while she’s still alive. She has already seen my three older children when we visited her in 2005. (I was pregnant with the twins back then although I didn’t know it yet.)

Incidentally, today is also Deepavali, the Festival of Lights for Hindus, Sikhs and Jains,when lamps are lit to signify victory of good over the evil within an individual.

Triumph of light over darkness

Even though Indians only make up some 8% of the total Malaysian population, Deepavali is a Malaysian national holiday nonetheless.

Deepavali Valtikal (Happy Deepavali) to all!

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