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Quarantine, Day 2: Dizzy & Disoriented

Posted by on 5 November 2009

Dizzy and disoriented. That just about sums up how I feel on the second day of my quarantine at home. My head feels like a rubber ball bobbing up and down wave after wave after wave, making it difficult for me to concentrate or read for long periods of time. Working on spreadsheets is out of the question. I can’t even manually calculate the simplest dental discounts if you ask me to :P

I’m not sure if these are symptoms of this particular strain of flu or if it’s a side-effect of the Tamiflu. It’s a new drug afterall. Dr B said her friend actually ended up having hallucinations as a side-effect. Sounds scary, huh? But if the benefits of the drug outweigh the side-effects, I guess there’s not much choice for us, poor souls, who have been robbed of a week of our independence and freedom by this nasty virus. Better to be dizzy and disoriented rather than succumb to this novel flu and all of its possible complications.

The first few hours of my day were spent mostly lying on bed, no thanks to a migraine attack that woke me up at 5.15 this morning. By the time the pain subsided some four hours later, the dizziness took over. So despite the fact that I’ve got at least 12 solid waking hours, I haven’t really been able to accomplish much. Like I said, concentrating takes major effort. And my dizzy head needs to be on a pillow most of the time in order to minimise the rocking sensation, thereby making it uncomfortable to even watch DVDs.

My only consolation is finally having the chance to finish these booties that I knitted a couple of months ago. I was done knitting them but it took me forever to go buy a crochet hook and to crochet two long cords to be woven into the booties’ eyelets and tied into dainty little bows. And in my current state, the crocheting, weaving and bow-tying took twice or thrice as long as it would have. Blame it on the Tamiflu.

Anyways, just take a look at the finished product, side by side with the matching cap.

Baby booties with matching cap

Baby booties with matching cap

Aren’t they just adorable? Between you and me, they make me long for one more baby! I guess I’ll just blame that last remark on the Tamiflu as well :P

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