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Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel, Bali

Posted by on 4 February 2010

About two weeks ago, I was in Bali very briefly for a meeting. By “very briefly”, I mean for only one night. And since one night is too short to explore the hotel that I stayed in, try its services and make a comprehensive review of it, I will just post some of the photos that I managed to take.

This is the Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel in Kuta, Bali:-

Discovery Kartika Plaza

The hotel, which is conveniently located some 10 minutes’ drive from the airport, has a beach right in its backyard and a small mall right next door.


Unfortunately, the inclement weather made swimming — or even wading — downright impossible.


This photo shows just how close the hotel is to the beach:-


Here are two photos of the superior room (USD150 per room per night, as of this writing):-

hotel room

hotel room

And here is a photo of the huge pool and its sunken bar:-


This is the restaurant where breakfast is served:-


They also have themed dinners in the very same restaurant. Italian pasta on some nights, seafood barbecue in others. At an added fee, of course.

The hotel grounds are very green…


…and well-maintained.


The bonus? Free WiFi. A must for a netaholic like me!

If you need a hotel in Bali that’s close to the airport, I highly recommend the Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel.

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