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Missing Indonesian Ayam Bakar

Posted by on 9 February 2010

It’s now lunchtime and all I can think about is the ayam bakar (grilled chicken) that I had last Saturday at the foodcourt of Tanah Abang Block A.

ayam bakar Indonesia

For Rp25,000 (approximately USD2.90 or RM9.60 at current exchange rates), you get (clockwise from top):

  • a quarter portion of oh-so-tender, flame-grilled free-range chicken (pick between thigh and breast upon placing your order);
  • a small piece each of fried tempe and fried tauhu (both made from soya beans);
  • a cabbage leaf;
  • a slice of tomato;
  • two slices of cucumber;
  • a piece of lettuce;
  • a dollop of not-so-spicy sambal (chili);
  • a cup of  steamed rice; and
  • a small bowl of sayur asem soup on the side.

My mouth is watering as I type this entry. I can almost swear the entire office is resounding with the grumbling of my empty stomach right now.

Oh how I miss you, ayam bakar Indonesia…

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