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And I’m Back In The Game

Posted by on 18 March 2010

Twitter bird logo

After what seemed like eternity, I finally received an email from Twitter about my suspended account.

The email read:

“It looks like your account got caught in a spam cloud. You’re all clear, but this might be a good time to review anyhow. I’ve restored your account; sorry for the inconvenience.”

And so I’m back on Twitter, to my relief. (Just after I created a new Twitter account this morning. It figures!)

If you ever find your Twitter account suspended, don’t waste time in filing a Support Request (please click here). After you do that, you should receive an email from Twitter Support giving you the ticket number. Make sure you reply to this email because by doing so, the ticket will be reopened and your ticket will be placed in queue for support. If you do not reply, your case will be closed.

There are lots of horror stories on the internet about how long Twitter takes to get back to people contesting the suspension of their accounts. So I guess I should consider myself lucky for them to reply to me AND restore my account within 20 hours of my filing the support ticket.

Anyhow,  this suspension-of-account-business got me all stressed up so I’ll still be needing a massive dose of chocolate to purge all the stress out of my system. Looks like I’ll be making molten lava chocolate cakes tonight ;)

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