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Left Luggage Lockers at KLIA

Posted by on 19 March 2010

When my former roommate from Ateneo came for a visit last month, she asked me about left luggage lockers at KL International Airport (KLIA). I was embarrassed to admit that I knew nothing about it, other than the fact that I’ve seen it somewhere in KLIA. The most that I could do at that time was forward her the link to the information in KLIA’s website.

To redeem myself, the next time I went to KLIA, I made it a point to drop by the left luggage lockers at the Departure Hall (Level 5) and ask for some information.

The left luggage lockers are located behind check-in counter B. As you walk past the check-in counter, you should see a pharmacy on your left. Continue walking and you’ll see a coffee shop on your right. The left luggage lockers are right next to it, just before the surau (Muslim prayer rooms). You can’t miss the maroon-coloured lockers.

Left Luggage Lockers At KLIA
Left Luggage Lockers At KLIA

The staff who were on duty at that time were very friendly and helpful — they even showed me the different locker sizes that are available for rent.

This is the small locker that costs RM10 per day. It measures 40cm x 32cm x 75cm.

Small Locker At KLIA
Small luggage locker at KLIA

The brochure that you see at the bottom is about the width of a sheet of A4 size paper. I intentionally shot it together with the locker to you give you a sense of scale.

This is the medium locker at RM20 per day. It measures 55cm x 43cm x 75cm. Carry-on luggage can easily fit into them.

Medium Locker At KLIA
Medium luggage locker at KLIA

Those papers taped at the sides are A4 size, as well.

And this is the big locker at RM30 per day. It’s big enough to hold a golf bag and then some at 135cm x 32cm x 43cm.


In their brochure, they also have extra large lockers (up to 2 cubic meters) for RM40 per day but I didn’t get to see it that day.

You can rent a locker for as long as you want. And you can stuff as much luggage as you can into each locker. The management reserves the right, however, to check your luggage and/or x-ray them, if deemed necessary.

They’re currently having a promotion that entitles you to one day free if you rent the lockers for ten days or more.

There are also left luggage lockers at the Arrival Hall (Level 3). After exiting the baggage claim area, it’s located on the left-hand side, right after Burger King. I’ll check on it next time and post more photos. Both luggage storage facilities are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For more information, call +603-8787-4211 or +603-8776-5035. You can also email them at

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