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The Inimitable Style Of The Malaysian Motorcyclist

Posted by on 31 May 2010

You can easily tell you are in Malaysia simply by looking at the motorcyclists on the road. For one, the law requires that everyone wears a helmet.


This law is strictly enforced in the cities and major towns, failure to comply with which entails a hefty fine. Unless you go into the kampung (villages), where such law is openly flouted, where even teenagers and pre-teens drive motorcycles! But that’s another subject altogether. For now, our focus is on the style.

Where were we? Ah yes — the helmets. See the little one? She’s got a helmet, as well.


But it’s not really the helmets that define that incomparable style of the Malaysian motorcyclist. Check out the photos once again. Can you see what sets them apart from other motorcyclists elsewhere in the world?


Look again closely…. See it yet?

YES!!! It’s the jacket! Worn backwards! :D

What are YOU looking at? Why are you staring at me? Why are you taking my pic???!!!!


Photos taken from a moving van with my ageing but still trusty Nokia N82, at the twins’ request: “Mama, take a picture lah! Orang tu pakai jaket terbalik!” (Mama, can you please take a picture? That man has got his jacket on backwards!)

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