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Coming Out Clean

Posted by on 3 June 2010

When my family and I were in Kemaman, Terengganu last weekend, I got a lot of people all excited over a photograph that I uploaded in Facebook and Twitpic, which I captioned as baby ‘sand turtles’ heading back into the sea. This was the pic, one that I shot with a cheap but handy-dandy Nokia 2700 Classic:-


When people started commenting about what an unforgettable experience it must have been for me, only then did I realise the implications of the photo. I was in Terengganu, afterall, where turtles are known to lay eggs and where baby turtles do hatch from those eggs and head back out to sea. Only that wasn’t exactly the circumstance under which I took that particular pic.

Now look again closely. See what happens when I zoom in on the ‘turtles’ (click on the pic below to see a larger version):-


The turtles weren’t real! I made them out of sand :P

My apologies if you found my photo misleading. I never had any intention of misleading anybody. It was just a sand sculpture of sorts that I did using a plastic mould that came with my children’s beach play set. I made it while my children were building their sandcastles a few feet away from me.

So there. The truth is out. Sorry to disappoint you, Lola! ;)

Click here to find out more about turtle-watching in Terengganu.

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