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The Hidden Beauty of Sheraton Bandara, Jakarta

Posted by on 11 December 2010

Sheraton Bandara has always intrigued me from the first time I visited Jakarta. The hotel is just a stone’s throw from Jakarta’s Chengkareng Airport and when approaching the airport from Jakarta via the toll highway, it is inevitable to pass by this sprawling hotel.

When I finally got the chance to stay there for a night, the hotel did not disappoint me in the least.

For one, the Sheraton Bandara’s grounds are sprawling yet well-maintained, replete with trees, shrubs and all sorts of greenery, plus a huge lake.


The lake looks even more enticing at sunrise.


There is a huge playground which looked as though it’s been hardly used.


The pool is large and quite well-maintained.


I loved the large clay pot that served as the post-swim shower.


I found the Fitness Centre to be adequately equipped with several treadmills and other exercise equipment. The added bonus: very few of the hotel guests availed for their facilities.


There was a spa adjacent to the Fitness Centre but I did not have the chance to try it out.

The standard room that I got was quite large — featuring an equally spacious bathroom — with crisp clean sheets, fluffy pillows, a heavenly-soft bed, and the usual amenities, including an iron and matching ironing board.


Here’s the room once again, showing the entrance (the door on the left) and the door to the bathroom (on the right).


The labyrinthine hallways were huge and — I must admit — quite scary to roam in alone at night.


But I loved how there were water features and plants everywhere.


It wasn’t only the accommodation part that wowed me; the buffet breakfast was also unforgettable to my palate.

Considering this hotel’s location right next to Jakarta airport, I find the Sheraton Bandara perfect for short trips that don’t require any traveling to any other place in Jakarta. But if you intend to do any sightseeing and/or shopping in Jakarta during your stay there, I strongly recommend that you choose a hotel that is located within or much closer to the city centre. Jakarta’s traffic is legendary and you will inevitably lose a lot of time in the gridlock.

***All pics taken with a Nokia N82.

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