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Subtract 32 From Degrees Farenheit…

Posted by on 16 February 2011

Random childhood memory: a dim cinema, a 2D cartoon, and a ditty so catchy it’s still stuck in my mind many, many years after I first heard it.

It’s easy to change from English to metric.
The system is fun if you know it.
So, let’s all convert from English to metric.
We’ll do it, and share it and show it!

Just multiply inches by 2.54 and there you’ll get centimeters.
The feet multiplied by 0.305 will you equivalent meters.
Multiply pounds by 0.45 will give you kilograms it’s true.
The gallons times 3.79 will turn into liters for you.
Subtract 32 from degrees Farenheit, the result keep it in mind.
Why, when you multiply that by 5 over 9, you’ll get Celcius just fine.

The yards and the miles are things of the past. Use meters and go kilometers.
So out with the English. We’re modern at last. The system of metric is better!

To this day, I still convert Farenheit to Celcius by singing this song ;)

Which brings me to the question: why can’t the Americans just use the Metric system just like the rest of the world??

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