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My New Toy: The Samsung Galaxy Tab

Posted by on 8 March 2011

I got so caught up in the whirlwind that is the first quarter of 2011 that I failed to mention that I recently got myself a new toy — the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Samsung Galaxy TabMyEldest playing the full version of Angry Birds, downloadable for free from Android Market (never mind that it comes with small, unobstrusive ads).

I know, I know. I bet you’re all asking — why a Galaxy Tab and not an iPad? I’ve already tried the iPad, you see, (DH has one) and I didn’t need to use it long to realise that it’s not for me. I’ve never been one to follow trends; I do what I feel is practical and effective for me. And the Samsung Galaxy Tab is just what I need — a compact, handy device that I can use for making short presentations; showing photos to clients and friends; getting some of my work done on the go — receiving and sending emails, reading and editing Word and Excel documents; entertaining my children with free games and eBooks anytime there’s waiting involved anywhere; blogging on the run, when I feel like it; taking pics and videos; making and receiving video calls. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Here are 5 things that I love the most about my Samsung Galaxy Tab:

1) I love its size. It’s about half the size of an iPad, almost like your standard diary/planner, and can even fit into my larger handbags.

My Samsung Galaxy Tab encased in a black leather Belkin case, stacked on top of my planner/diary and my two-year old 17-inch Macbook Pro.

2) I love that I can send/receive files via Bluetooth instead of having to rely on iTunes all the time.

3) I love that, as an Android, I get to enjoy the same features that I love in my HTC Desire smartphone.

4) I love that, when I press on a link or a photo while browsing the internet, it gives me the option ‘Save As’, something that you can’t do with an iPad.

5) I love that its 5-megapixel camera is pretty decent. Here are some sample shots, straight off the camera:-

yum woon senYum woon sen (a.k.a. Thai glass noodle salad)


LEKAS Highway, taken at high noon from inside a moving vehicle


Thai sticky rice with mango and coconut cream


The interior of KLM aircraft, taken during one of my KL-Jakarta trips. The same aircraft plies the Amsterdam-KL-Amsterdam route.

True, the Samsung Galaxy Tab’s display is not as dazzling nor as crisp as the iPad’s. But all the things that I love about it easily outweigh this small shortcoming, especially since I only use it when I’m on the go (NB: I do most of my work on my 17-inch MacBook Pro).

So don’t be so quick in dismissing the Samsung Galaxy Tab just because the media hype surrounding it is not as frenzied as that of the iPad. As the Malays say, tak kenal maka tak cinta.

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