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Filipino Food That I Miss…

Posted by on 30 March 2011

After a whirlwind trip to the Philippines last week, I am back to work in KL. I haven’t quite fully recovered from the fatigue yet. Worse, my taste buds are still screaming for all the food that I indulged in during my trip. Ahh…the food. It’s always about the food!

In GenSan (General Santos City, a.k.a. Manny Pacquiao country), I savoured delectable fresh tuna sashimi in a small airconditioned restaurant at the fish port (whose name I, unfortunately, forgot to note down)…

…scrumptious grilled tuna belly…

…and garlic shrimps at Ocean Cave Restaurant.

In Manila, I had manibalang na mangga at bagoong (slightly ripened mangoes with fermented salted shrimps)…

…and the tantalizing Mango Bravo cake from Conti’s — a cake so good, it was totally worth breaking my new no-carbs-at-night rule…just for one night!

In Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte, ginanggang nga saging made for a nostalgic afternoon snack. It’s a very simple food that I’ve always loved since childhood — plantain bananas in bamboo skewers grilled over a slow fire until the outer portion slightly hardens and darkens, then smothered with Star margarine (a.k.a. Planta in Malaysia) and sprinkled with sugar.

Thank goodness for an almost-iron-will and portion control, I somehow managed to return to KL with very minimal (if at all) weight gain!

What about you? What foods do you miss from your hometown and your childhood?

11 Responses to Filipino Food That I Miss…

  1. BlogusVox

    With that kind of food serve to you, who could think of “cholesterol”, “weight loss” and “diet”. When we’re here, we always watch what we eat, but when we’re in vacation, we give everything our heart’s (stomach) desire. Kaya palaging tumataba kami pag umuuwi. : )

  2. upto6only

    you seem had a great week here in the Philippines. Good you liked Contis. Super hit yan dito hehehe.

  3. Gwen Griswold

    I would have to say the “ginanggang nga saging” and the grilled tuna belly are top on my list!

  4. sheng

    Yummy! Kung nagstay ka ng matagal-tagal, I could have brought you to Red Trellis, Crabs! Kaso wala man ta time uy. Next time, hopefully.

  5. Batricia

    I would to have all those when I go back to the Phil especially the tuna , mangga at bago-ong, and ginanggang saging!!!!

  6. witsandnuts

    I’m soooo looking forward to this post! Just for the food alone, it’s really worth it to have a whirlwind trip to Philippines. I’ve never tried ginanggang na saging. Mukhang classic ang sarap. :) Sobrang natakam ako sa tuna!

  7. docgelo

    selamat pagi from penang, mimi!

    hello. kakagutom naman ng post mo.
    although i like japanese food too, walang tatalo sa luto at panlasang pinoy!

    will link your blog with mine. thanks!

  8. shaal

    Hello. I enjoy reading your blog and this is the first time I am putting my comment. I have been to Philippines a few times but only to Manila. I am planning to go there again. Could you please recommend a few places to get halal food in Manila because it is very difficult to look for halal food there. Salamat.

  9. Mimi

    Blogusvox: Mind over matter :)

    Upto6: Super-sara talaga!

    Gwen & Batricia: I always have a list of must-eats everytime I go home.

    Sheng: Next time :)

    Witsandnuts: Haha your blog always mentions food also everytime you go home!

    Docgelo: How long have you been in Penang?

    Shaal: I don’t know of any lah. To be safe, go to a restaurant that serves seafood only. In Mindanao, I’ve seen Jollibee (Filipino fastfood chain) with halal chicken. But their menu still has pork so it’s not really halal, strictly speaking.

  10. Shakilah

    although I dont see Philippine yet.. but we had taste ginanggang nga saging or my mom says banana q… its quite good for tea time

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