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UK Tales Await…

Posted by on 7 September 2011

London maps and tickets

It’s been two weeks since I came back from our UK trip and I’ve yet to write a post about the places we’ve seen and the things we’ve done. The last time I checked, I’ve taken some 861 photos in London, Manchester, Sheffield, Warwick, and Doncaster. My hands are itching to type away post after post after post but I can’t seem to get started without the pics. I’ve always been the type who gets inspired by the details in the photos that I take — I’d go through them and edit a pic or two, then start picking out a few photos as a story starts to unravel in my mind. Only then do my fingers start tapping on my keyboard. So generally, no pics = no story.

My problem this time was actually three-fold: (i) faulty internet connection at home (and I am so busy in the office there’s just no way I can sneak in a post or two during lunch break); (ii) my 232-gigabyte MacBook Pro harddisk is actually running out of space due to the sheer number of photos that I keep in there, therefore making it impossible for me to copy the photos from my camera’s SD card to my laptop; and (iii) the kids’ PC at home was also acting up, stating “USB Device Over Current Status Detected. System Will Shut Down After 15 Seconds” thus I couldn’t use it either during the long Eid ul Fitr/Merdeka holidays last week.

The good news is: our internet connection at home should be up and running again this week; I already bought two units of 1.5-terabyte external hard disk drives where I can keep all those old pics from my MacBook Pro; and the children’s PC has been fixed already. So hang in there because I’ll be regaling you all very soon with lots and lots of wonderful tales about our adventures in the UK!

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