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*Not* Your Average Family

Posted by on 15 September 2011
the twins making faces

The twins, making goofy faces :)

Snippets of conversations with my children:

Yesterday morning, in the car, on the way to the twins’ preschool.
Me: ‘Niece’ is the daughter of your brother or sister. ‘Nephew’ is the son of your brother or sister. Do you know how to spell niece?
Me: It’s N-I-E-C-E.
Twin1: (grinning impishly) Why isn’t it spelled with a K, like knees?
(The twins are 5 1/2 years old as of this writing.)

The other night, at home. MyEldest had to memorize a poem to recite in front of the school assembly. I told him to go to my room to memorize it while I help RoundBoy with his Science homework.
Me: Go upstairs to my room.
MyEldest: But what if I get trapped in the quicksand? [NB: It’s an inside joke with my kids. We always refer to my bed as ‘Quicksand’ because it’s so nice and soft that once you’re on it, it’s next to impossible to leave!]
Me: On second thought, go to your room.
MyEldest: Awww…

The same night, at home, as I was about to go upstairs and leave RoundBoy and OnlyGirl with their respective homework materials.
Me: BRB. (In netspeak, BRB usually means ‘Be Right Back’ or maybe even ‘Bath Room Break’)
RoundBoy & OnlyGirl: Okay, Mama.
Me: (Turning around) Big. Red. Battleship. Ah-ha-ha-ha! (Attempting to laugh like Disney’s Stitch, in reference to the movie “Leroy & Stitch”)
RoundBoy and OnlyGirl burst out laughing, mainly because my impersonation of Stitch is so bad :P

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