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Petronas Twin Towers And Other Unedited Shots Using A Samsung Galaxy Note

Posted by on 11 July 2012

I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note a mere two days before giving birth to little Peanut. While most women clean up their homes and do crafty stuff as part of the so-called ‘nesting’ instinct, I drove myself (with my mum in tow) to Low Yat Plaza to buy my long overdue upgrade from my old HTC Desire. I’m a gadget freak, I am, I am! ;)

One of the things I love about the Samsung Galaxy Note is its camera. Just take a look at this shot I took of the Petronas Twin Towers at dusk…from a moving car. The shot is as my Samsung Galaxy Note took it — I merely cropped and re-sized it (and added my usual watermark).

When taken from a still position, the details are crisper, the colours more amazing.

The Samsung Galaxy Note’s camera also makes the most mundane of objects — like this old carpet — look far more interesting, automatically adjusting brightness, saturation and most everything else. (I assure you my old faded carpet looks nowhere near as nice as it does here!)

Best of all, the Samsung Galaxy Note gives you some control over depth of field and which item in the viewfinder to focus on…

…the house in the rear…or the house in front. (Click for a bigger image to see the difference.)

Those are KLM Blue Delft miniature houses, by the way. You get one free every time you fly World Business Class on KLM. My husband and I were lucky enough to have been upgraded to KLM’s World Business Class five times — once for me, four times for him — hence, we have five of these babies.

As photographer Chase Jarvis always says, the best camera is the one with you. And the Samsung Galaxy Note’s camera is a mighty fine camera for a mobile phone. It’s nowhere near a DSLR but its pics are more than just decent.

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