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I Dream A Dream

Posted by on 7 March 2013

I dream a dream of being a photographer. As in doing it professionally and doing it full-time instead of just indulging a ‘hobby’. Because, deep in my heart, I feel that I have been blessed with the ability to see things that few people see and make everyday things look extraordinary…even with ‘just’ a camera phone.

Turkish glass mosaic lamp

Turkish glass mosaic lamp. Photo taken with Samsung Galaxy Note.

I dream of being a travel photographer. Because I love traveling as much as I love taking pictures. And pictures don’t mean much unless you share them with friends and family (and blog readers *wink*).

Mt. Bromo, Surabaya, Indonesia

Mount Bromo, Surabaya, Indonesia. Photo taken with a Nikon D70 and 50mm lens.

But above all, I dream of being a portrait photographer. Because I found out that I can take pictures of people that they actually like…and once they see the pics I take of them, they ask me to take their pictures time and again.

Portrait with Masjidil Haram at Dusk

Portrait With Masjidil Haram At Dusk, Mecca, Saudi Arabia. (Photo taken with Samsung Galaxy Note. Photo straight out of camera, no editing other than addition of URL and resizing for the Internet.)

But as the song goes, “there are dreams that cannot be”…at least not at this given moment, not under the current circumstances.

And thus, for now, I shall continue dreaming…

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