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Online Grocery Shopping With Tesco Malaysia

Posted by on 25 July 2013

Working mothers in Klang Valley, rejoice! Tesco now offers online shopping to selected cities and towns within Klang Valley!

No more battling with traffic jams to get to the nearest hypermarket/supermarket…followed by several minutes of going round and round the parking lot to find a parking space…then being stuck in a mini-traffic jam of sorts inside as you try to navigate your trolley between the narrow aisles and waste precious time and energy weaving in and out of other trolleys (some haphazardly parked in the middle of nowhere!)…then queuing at the weighing station to get your fresh items weighed and tagged…then queuing again for what seems like forever at the cashier’s counter…then lugging your goods into your car, hoping it’s not raining.

So how does this online grocery shopping thing work? Easy-peasy!

Step 1: Go to and register. I know, I know. I hate having to register for an account just do online shopping, as well. But for Tesco, it’s a small price to pay for the convenience that comes later. Their system is still new so you might find difficulty locating your particular township; if this happens to you, call their help line 1-300-13-1313 and they’ll be able to assist you quickly. (Note: Tesco ClubCard is optional. You can still register even if you don’t have one.)

Step 2: Enter details and pick a name for your default delivery address. You can call it ‘Home’ or whatever monicker you prefer. You can change this anytime later, should you prefer a different delivery address. But for most people, it’s almost always your own home.

Step 3: Start shopping. You can browse through the Promotions listing.

Or you can type a particular brand or item description in the search box.  Once you find the item that you want, click on ‘Add’ if you only want one unit of that particular item, or type the quantity that you want before clicking on ‘Add’. You can also change the quantity later.

What’s nice about online shopping with Tesco?  The system automatically adds your purchases to your Favourites, for easier retrieval on future shopping ‘trips’. You can always remove it anytime, in case it was just a one-off purchase.

Step 4: Once you have everything that you need, click on ‘Checkout’. You will see the total guide price which may change at during delivery, depending on, say, the actual weight of the parsley that you bought.

Step 5: Book a delivery day and date. You’ll be given a two-hour window, say between 6pm and 8pm.

Step 6: Make sure you are at home during the delivery date and time that you picked out for two reasons:

a) You have to pay using your credit card. (Sorry, no cash payments allowed.)

b) There are cases when the item(s) that you want are not in stock and Tesco will attempt to match it with the closest similar item. For instance, I wanted Tesco minced meat but they didn’t have it and replaced it with Ramly minced meat instead. The invoice will indicate the price of your original choice and the price of the alternative item. You can choose to take/reject all/part of the alternatives, eg you can say you don’t want it, you can take all of it, or you can take only part of it.

Some important notes:

1. You can still change the quantity of your purchases up to 11pm the day before your delivery day. You can’t add any new items though.

2. You can pick out items to purchase but NOT have to checkout immediately. Tesco will save those items in your shopping cart for you to continue your shopping later.

3. Most of the usual grocery items can be bought online. Apparel and electronic items cannot be bought online as of this writing.

That’s it! Easy-peasy, like I told you. Happy shopping!

P.S. I’ve yet to try buying chicken and other wet items. So far, I only bought daun ketumbar (coriander) and was pleased with the quality of that one small item. It came fresh and undamaged, and looks like something I would have picked for myself.

Click here to check if your city/town/suburb is covered by Tesco’s e-shopping services. If you can’t find your city/town or suburb, or you live outside of Klang Valley, you can sign up for updates from Tesco so that they can alert you once such services are available.

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